I am not really nervous for the marathon I am going to run on Saturday (not being official and all that…) But should I be? Let me go through my checklist.

  • Feeling crazy enough? – check
  • Exercised enough?
    • run at least a 30k withing last month – check
    • Run at least 70k a week for some weeks in the last 2 months – check
  • Hydrated? – Check
  • Well stretched? – Will still work on this a bit.
  • Feeling crazy enough? – double-check
  • Well rested? – May be an issue since I am playing in a Gig the previous night…
  • Carbo-loaded? – Check (Will get my portion of pasta on Friday.)
  • Accesories
    • Shoes? – Check (Still good for a thousand or more miles)
    • Socks? – Check
    • Tape? – Check
    • Shorts, shirt, etc? – Check.
    • Runners moon bag? – Check
    • GPS? – Check
  • Route? – Check (Hope my GPS stays OK for the road, but must still memorize the route a bit better for in case)
  • Support? – Check (Thanks Nigel and co-runner Judhavir and maybe you who are reading this??)
  • Chocolate? – Must get
  • Bananas? – Must get
  • Ready for the pain? – Check…
  • Number? – N/A
  • Transport to and from venue? – N/A (Starting at my house)
  • alarm-clock set for 4AM? – check
  • Feeling crazy enough?? – Triple check

Looks like I am ready.