7.3k 45min (yesterday)
4k 17min

I have heard from Asha that the date for the Chandigarh marathon is on the 19th of February. So that is my new short-term goal. I will try to increase my mileage up to 75k in 3 weeks’ time.  This week I have to do 60k.

For the longer term I am dreaming about running across India.  Maybe for a start just across Punjab and maybe not just me, but rather a relay with the people in the club. And then maybe to raise funds for the fight against human trafficking and to spread some joy around in the name of Jesus.

About 300k.  100k in a day for 3 days. And every night we have a concert and awareness program for the cause. 

If you like the idea, comment on this blog please or give your inputs.

Keep running