Running in a city like Chandigarh with good company: what a joy! Then there is also the anticipation of going home to be reunited with my family. And there is Christmas and carol-singing and the joy of knowing that Saviour-baby Jesus.

This is a good time of the year for me.

For a few Saturday-mornings now I ran with a few great guys. Last Saturday we did the lake-route, enjoying the forest and silence behind the lake. This Saturday we did the garden-route going through the Bougainvillea garden, Leisure Valley, Rose garden, Shanti Kunj, children’s traffic park, Hibiscus garden, Fragrance garden and Dahlia garden and (obviously) starting and ending at the lake. 19k altogether.

Behind the lake

Running is an equalizer. It does not matter if you are a lawyer or a liar, a programmer or a pro-golfer, a musician or a physician. The road is the same for all of you and just the fact that you are running demands respect. Thanks Charan, Amit, Yudhavir, Yogesh, Kumar, Sumit, Balkar, Kamal, Nigel and all that I do not mention for sharing the road with me.

And when I run all on my own in the dark I still have Another Friend with me who is a great companion and the Light of the world. He is the Baby born 2012 years ago. Emmanuel, God with us.

I am really looking forward to running in South Africa with my wife and children on the beach where it is summer. Sorry, did not mean to make you jealous. 😉

Happy Christmas to all of you and keep running!