What fun to be able to run again. So I decided not to run only on the road, but to do some running on the tennis court and the squash court too and even a bit on a badminton court and behind a frisbee. And then even some running in the air or if you will on bicycle pedals. Maybe my “running” program this week may interest you:

Stephan and Anandi

Sunday Squash before church. Table tennis with my daughter. Frisbee in the park. Badminton doubles in the park with 3 local Sardars, tennis with a soft ball with my 3 children. Phew… What a day. The “tennis” especially became a lot of fun as we made turns to hit the ball as high as it would go. The frisbee players were stationed all around the park – eight of us.
Monday 10k running.  I just realized again that I enjoy running more than cycling. If I have to go it alone then I run.
Tuesday 31k Mountain bike. To the lake and then PGI and back with Kamal.  As always enjoyed the conversation and the ride. Considering to buy myself a bicycle since I am borrowing my daughter’s.
Wednesday Ran 2.5k to the tennis court with my daughter. Played with my wife. Ran back.  Usually there is nice group and we play doubles. This time Irene and I played. Took a different route there and back for variation.
Thursday Cycle 11k to the squash court with my daughter, play and cycle back.  Kind of a rest day for me since we did not go fast. My daughter is still learning squash so we just tried to keep the ball going.
Friday Early morning (in the dark) 12k with my other daughter on her inline skates.  A hard run, but with good, imaginative conversation. Thought of all my gear and the places I got them – three different continents, many different cities.

I remember passing by an old man running a few days ago. He obviously did not have any of the right clothes for it and his one foot swung forward in a funny way. Poor person yet by the looks of it very determined. It was just a moment, yet I keep thinking of that old man. I think we get hung up on having the right gear and the right situation, but we forget what we do have. I have my body which is “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). Yes, it is only a temporary place, (See another post referring to that) but still wonderful. The body is more important than the clothes. So let’s run and enjoy our sport while we can, but let’s not neglect the other aspects of who we are: Soul and spirit. We also need practice in godliness and work hard at our love.

Keep running, biking, swimming, skating, playing, …