Last night I was totally drenched.

It is monsoon, but it did not rain last night. I did however run the “Run the night” Chandigarh runners half-marathon. And it was “mildly” humid. Water and strength seems to drain out of a runner in about equal proportions. Or maybe it was just the extra weight that comes with the wet clothes that slows one down. After the first round I had to work a lot harder to maintain my target pace of 4:35 minutes / kilometer.

Thanks to the excellent work of the Chandigarh Runners and everyone they involved (MyFM 94.3 among others) it was well organized. Well done, guys! I cannot wait for the full marathon. We even got a glimpse (in fact two glimses) of the Chandigarh symbol  (The open hand) at the Capitol Complex  which just got UNESCO World heritage status.


There was plenty of water and sports drink. There were enough volunteers to make sure no-one gets lost. (Like I tend to do…) The medal is awesome!


I was 6th overall out of a field of about 500 runners. I may be wrong, but this is probably the biggest number of participants in a half marathon in the city. I also equaled my recent personal best for the distance which I am particularly happy with since the weather was so challenging. half marathon route

I was also drenched in a more figurative way by the support I received on the way. There were so many shouts of “Come on Stephan!” or “Well done, Stephan!” that it was like soaking in a warm bath of good-will. To everyone of you, thank you. And sorry that I could not always answer.

But again, the praise belongs to my Friend and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Keep running