(Haiku is a  Japanese poetry form. Every verse has 17 syllables: 5 + 7 + 5. They are impressionistic and supposed to capture a vivid image – mostly of nature. I twist that a bit by writing my haiku about the city.)


Chasing a stray pig

helter-skelter down the road

Three stray dogs and me


There’s no escaping

Delhi highways once captured

Rush hour to the mall


One freezing AC

competes with our two duvets

Sleepless hotel room


Broad tiled corridors

quiet halls and chandeliers

private school at night


Dust and wares and dogs

is a noisy labyrinth

they call a market


A daughter and dad

watching TV till midnight

Introvert bonding


The grey and the green

skyscrapers, trees together

have their little war

(The poetry and especially this last verse, is probably too directly taken from Nesbit and Gibly’s blog)