India is aggressively implementing the use of Aadhar and in order for me to submit my tax form, I need it. (Aadhar is a proof of identity and residence) In order to get it, I have to submit my pan card and passport and to get that I had to have some or the other form of ID…

Legally who I am is connected to where I was born, who my parents are, where I belong as a foreigner in this country of India, where I stay, where I work.

And based on which document I can show, I can enter or not, I can have a bank account or not, I can have a phone connection or not, ad nauseum.

Do they know who I am? I think not.

Google and Facebook and Amazon knows what I like to search for, where I buy, which sites I visit. They think they know me, but I beg to differ.

My wife, my brothers, my parents, my children, my colleagues and friends, each knows certain aspects of me, what I choose to reveal to them or what they observe from how I act or speak. They know my voice and my facial expressions. Each has a partial knowledge of who I am. But nobody knows me completely, not even myself.

But there is One who does. He knows every dark secret, every thought, every motive. He sees me as I really am. That is fearsome knowledge to me that I am so fully known. He knows how corrupt I am. He knows how hypocritical. How selfish. How hateful, how unworthy I am. And he knows that I should not be allowed to enter. Into his presence that is.

Yet, he made me a passport. He gave me an Aadhar through his sacrifice. He took my corrupt identity as he received the capital punishment that I deserved. And then He called me by name and said that I am His. I belong to Jesus. I may enter into His presence. I am a citizen of heaven. I can visit with the King.

In South Africa or Serbia or India, I will always be a foreigner. I am just traveling through. But I am filled with joy because where it really matters, I am known and welcome and loved…

I just heard that pastor Kapil’s mother passed away today. It is sad. Yet, not hopeless. Even though I did not really know her, I know that she was known and now she will also more fully know Him who loves her and welcomed her into His kingdom. We will meet again.