Since very few people seem to share my enthusiasm about the wonderful gardens and parks we have in Chandigarh, I will make The Dinosaur Garden, (or as Google maps have it the “Valley of Animal park”) the last in the series for now.

Description: Topiary art if you can call it that given the bushes grow over wireframes. (I usually deal with the other types of wireframes in my job – namely those used for the design of websites.) It is very green and the animals are quaint. They also have play-areas and multiple groups doing yoga early morning. And let’s not forget the monstrous dinosaurs at both entrances.

Location: Google maps link

Surface: It is mostly grass which is fantastic for battered legs like mine. All around is 650 meter so not very far. If you want to you can do what we did on Friday: cross over to the park on the other side of the road which is part of the Green Belt and has a decent running track all around. Both together gives you 1 mile (1.6km).

Lighting: Good. You can run here late at night if you want to.

Parking: Enough parking, but boys use it for playing cricket and your car may not be entirely safe.

Washrooms: Yes. I did not go in, but my feeling was that they would be clean. (I am always positive, not always realistically so)

Beauty: Above average.

Atmosphere: A bit weird sometimes with the yoga crowd clapping or making funny noises. Otherwise not bad.

Rating: 8 out of 10



I loved these cows eating bushes. 


Our group (Covalience runners) is warming up with the summer weather it seems. Join us if you are close.


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