The week in Rome was an encounter. With the old, old majestic buildings and a glimpse of what they meant. With surprising beauty in the parks and gardens. With my own introverted self that wants to, but cannot get close to people (in a short time). And with Jesus whom I did get close to and gives meaning to everything. I composed a few haikus to conclude my time in Rome.

Alive is the arch

That binds the mustard buildings

Green creeper welcome

The shouts and the screams

of ancient cruelty still

echo through these walls

IMG_20180808_182843396-EFFECTS.jpgIMG_20180808_183207985~2.jpgIMG_20180808_182426446~2.jpgRich arches of gold

For a resurrected King

And dead spectators

Whisper to me, Lord

What I have to spray to you

And pour to give life

See the silence, hear

the worship in nature, feel

Quiet abundance

They’re lining the road

strewing red leaf confetti

For my Friend and I

Keep running