This was a week in which I:

  1. saw a dead body next to the road
  2. listened as a young girl told how a man assaulted her
  3. witnessed police brutality first-hand

Dead body

Shortly before I passed by on my morning run, someone ran over two pedestrians who were allegedly crossing the road at 5 in the morning, instantly killing both of them. The medical services were there, but they must have already checked and saw that nothing could be done. The driver stopped and was promptly arrested for allegedly speeding and being negligent.  (according to the newspaper)

Who knows what really happened.


A friend’s daughter told me how she has been stalked numerous times as that is what happens in this part of the country. Two days ago someone took it one step further. Grabbed her arm, grabbed her waist, demanded a kiss, grabbed her phone and called his own number. Stopped her from leaving the garden where she was quietly sitting, minding her own business.

There were others, but either they did not notice, or they thought it was normal and OK.


Without a trial, without any provocation, three police officers gleefully pounded on a suspected criminal and “punished” him.

Seemed like standard operating procedure.

I can only cry out to God about the injustice of it all. We are called to bring God’s justice and peace (shalom) into this world according to the book I am reading now (Kingdom Calling by Amy L. Sherman). It is like a preview of the Kingdom where we will find ourselves when Jesus comes again, and we have put our faith in Him.

But I know it is risky business to stand up against the accepted order of things. Still, we should not just tolerate these things, should we? We have God on our side. He is all-powerful. We need to ask Him for guidance to show us what we should do.

There are many other, smaller, injustices around us. This morning we were followed by nine stray dogs to my son’s bus stop. An excellent software engineer was denied a role due to being a bit “rusty.” A friend’s wife had a miscarriage.


People doing gay sex went to jail for it until this week in India. Article 377 has been scrapped. Thank God for some justice in such an unjust place.

Just another week in India. I am praying for a quiet weekend.

What do you think of all this? What is our responsibility? What can we practically do? Your ideas will be welcome in the comments section.