Tomorrow morning I am on a train from Chandigarh to Amritsar. On Friday I start running back.

Planning for this kind of event takes you only so far if you have not done it. A multi-stage ultra-marathon is a first for me. My preparation included back-to-back long runs, four consecutive weeks clocking more than one hundred kilometers, a good taper period, mental, and even spiritual preparation. But, we will have to wait and see.

Saturday morning facing a 70k ultra after completing the same distance the previous day will be new territory for me.

I’ve been through a pretty rough week or two with the NETI 5k run preparations which Time Trials helped to organize. The run itself went quite good, and we had very fast winners especially in the men’s category (15:37 and 15:45 for the first two). There were many lessons to be learned though and a lot of stress to handle.

I am more than ready to get away from it all for a few days and just do what I love which is running. In my previous post, I mentioned about learning to trust God more, and I trust Him also for this race to carry me through no matter what happens.

Next weekend we have the Freedom Ultrarun which is from Chandigarh to Patiala (around 75k) and a less competitive affair. We will run and cycle, have fun and do something good for the community. We are supporting an organization called End Incest who are taking on this very fierce battle. Please support them by donating or come to cycle or run. If you want to you have only until Sunday to register.

We also have Christmas run in Patiala on 25 December where we will help Patiala runners and Daudta Punjab by timing the run. And then we are planning more Time Trials further into 2019. Any ideas for good venues will be appreciated as well as ANY idea whatsoever about organizing great runs and races.


Keep running