Chandigarh is a great place to run for fun. There is a very gentle climb from Mohali to Sukhna lake, but one can hardly feel it. You run between trees, and there is mostly a cycle-track which is also great for running. This time of year the leaves change colour to yellow, orange and red and then falls to be replaced by new bright-green leaves.

Then there is the greenery around the lake and the City forest which is just next to it. Here are some of the pictures I took during my 21k run this morning.


There are also literally hundreds of public gardens and parks scattered through the city. Many of them have running tracks.

Ten years ago there were very few runners, but that all changed. People don’t stare at me as they used to since runners have become a daily part of the scenery.

But it is still difficult to become a consistent runner. I know of many of start running, but do not continue with it. Like everything worthwhile, it takes discipline and a firm commitment to get over the initial hurdles. Many start too fast and get injured and then give it up. But those who continue, reap the benefits of improved health, energy and mood which regular exercise brings.

And so it is with prayer. It takes commitment and discipline, but there are overwhelming benefits of which a deep relationship with God is the obvious one. It is in a relationship with Jesus Christ that I find my own value and purpose. There is also peace and joy and hope and love.

Let’s make a decision to take out 15 to 30 minutes daily to pray…

and to run.