Here are some observations about running during the Corona-virus curfew here in India.

  • There are no stray dogs on my roof-top terrace.
  • It would be very difficult to get lost. Even for me…
  • There is no need to frantically google the nearest toilet during emergencies.
  • I can listen to podcasts using my wifi. There is no need to use data.
  • There is now a visible path on the outside edge of my roof-top terrace.
  • I am so thankful for the staircase inside our house.
  • It is not Déjà vu when you feel you have been in this moment before. You have. Three-hundred and twenty-seven times. Today.
  • The most fascinating things to look at are the activities of your neighbours on their terraces.
  • There is a technique to running efficiently when you have to make sharp turns every few seconds. You have to lean into the turns, not unlike motorcycle Grand Prix racers have to do it.
  • Tripping and falling could be life-threatening if you do it too close to the edge.
  • GPS is extremely unreliable in this situation. I think I am running much further than it is showing.

Running and other exercise are great ways to help us cope with the mental and emotional stress that the lock-down brought on all of us. I thank God for being fit, but look forward immensely to taking to the streets again.

Today I participated in a virtual race where I had to run and record 10km and upload it to the site. This is what it looks like: