I rarely run the same route twice. There is always more to explore. A favourite game is to see what I’ve drawn on the map. Help me guess what these are:

A very surprised turtle seen from the top. He was taking a nap on the highway since there aren’t any cars now and then a runner passed by.
The head and shoulders of a very happy cartoon character with a tie. (He is looking towards the right)
A fish shaped from a clothes hanger. Or a pillow? (The subconscious revealing my desire to rather go back to bed)
One of those old toilets where you have a chain at the top. or a Roadrunner (bird) packed in a suitcase with his head sticking out. (No cruelty to animals intended)
A pickup truck going through deep waters (That’s why you cannot see the wheels). Or a Mexican hat that is half unraveled.
A man with a cloak and a prominent nose walking in his sleep. Or maybe a more regular toilet complete with the handle. (My subconscious tries to express a common need forcefully suppressed by a runner)
A red chilly or an ice lolly in a plastic tube.
A kite with a tail which is a mini-kite. Or maybe a another coat-hanger bent badly out of shape.
A Dr Seuss creature which is a combination of a train carriage for a body and a rectangular ant-eater head complete with elongated snout and long tongue.
I am lost… A weird (Seuss again) pig-fish with a bottle-opener.

Give me your ideas for some of these!

Keep running