What is the worth of a life? I often think that it is something I have to deserve.

I am good at becoming good at things. If I play a game, I usually become at least better than average in it. I am decent at running, squash, table tennis, cricket, golf, tennis, frisbee, cycling etc. I am a pretty good clarinet player, pianist, guitarist, recorder player. I am okay at chess, calligraphy, baking fudge, writing poetry, photography. I know tech and used to be a good developer. I am decent at leading, preaching, teaching and counselling. But, does this make life worthy?

If you direct your effort to help others, does that give purpose?
I love using my various gifts to help others. I enjoy few things more than giving to someone in need. I love inspiring others, empowering them to live up to their potential. I enjoy being responsible and faithful with my duties and my chores. Does all this make me worthy?

I think not.

We have been created worthy. God created us in His image. Every person is worthy and deeply loved by the Creator. Worthiness is a gift.

But, we all know the other side of the coin. Even at our best, our motives are often self-serving. We want others to like us. At our worst, we exploit and abuse others. We distrust, slander, even persecute people who are different from us in some way. We often have the worst fights with friends and family. To the ones closest to us, we show the worst of ourselves. Instead of love, we criticize, often wounding them deeply and irreparably. And ultimately we destroy ourselves by addictions, holding self-crippling grudges against others, hating and killing ourselves slowly, but certainly.

And even then God loves us and loved us so much that he sent us a redeemer, Himself. Sin marred God’s image in us. We needed a saviour. Jesus came to restore us by removing our sins – if we trust in Him to do it. Nothing is required from our side, except to accept it. He not only forgives us all the bad things we have done but also empowers us to overcome these tendencies and become more like Him.
He makes us worthy of an eternity with Him.

As we receive God’s love and love Him back, we find our purpose. We find that we can love others without needing to be loved in return. His love is enough. His grace is enough.

We are worthy.