I wasn’t in school yet but went to the local athletics event with my two elder brothers who both competed. I was bored and decided I will run around the 400-meter track ten times. I did it and continued to be bored and thirsty after that. My mother still tells the story of me walking around saying: “I am thirsty” again and again.

One night it was a school concert, and we had to wait outside while other performances took place. A friend and I felt very cold and started running around the building to warm up. We were dressed in our school uniforms, but who cares about that when you are ten years old. Sure enough, we felt warmer and kept on running for as long as we waited.

I was doing compulsory military service. (Yes, I was in the army, but lucky to be selected for the Canaries or in other words the South African defense forces church choir and concert group) We had a holiday and could go home, but some of us stayed behind. We had the base for ourselves. A friend and I went at 2 in the morning to do the standard army 2.4 kilometers just for fun after playing a squash game.

While at university, our church had a type of inspiration weekend. We went away to a campground and spent time doing Bible studies and various other activities together. On Saturday morning, we had a short devotion and were sent out to be on our own and pray about our lives’ purpose and direction. So, I went walking on that beautiful country road and soon I found myself running. I remember praying and praising God and feeling that I could go on forever.

Certainly part of my purpose is to run and I believe that God also finds joy in my running.


Keep running