0k 0m 0s  😦

Try saying the word “Rest”  repeatedly as fast as you can.  After a while you will probably hear… “Stress!”
Runners usually do not like resting – it causes us stress. Maybe we are so used to our regular dosage of endorphins or whatever causes the “runners high” that we do not like going without it.  Maybe it is just the feeling of freedom or alone time that causes us to miss it. Whatever it is, I need to run.

But we need to rest too. Over-training can cause injuries and chronic tiredness and worse – make you lose the love for running!  God made the world in 6 days and rested a day after that even though we know that God does not need the rest! But we do.

So I rest and enjoy a bit more sleep and plan my BIG run the next day. Tomorrow we start at 6:30 at our gate. Be ready for 10 at least. After that I still need to do 7 more to complete 45 for the week, but I will first go home and then go for another round…

Keep running.