Yesterday – 7.7k 43min.  Today 8.7k 58min

I found a way around the lake again that should be about 8k. Since they broke the other route I  have been looking for a way around and did get around in very interesting ways.  (One day it involved Anandi and I and Ivan and hauling a heavy stroller through thick bush and down an empty riverbed.) 
Now I found something simpler even though it is a trail.  But isn’t that what we like?

On another note I “discovered” the book of Numbers again. Some if it is pretty dull as the name suggests, but from chapter 9 there are some awesome passages. The promise of God should be followed by obedience and trust for that promise to become true for you. What looks like the scariest thing is in fact the best thing if it is God’s plan. The “safe” choice without God’s hand can turn out to be the most difficult thing.  (Like wandering around in the desert for 40 years… See Numbers 13 and 14)

Keep running!