7.3k 43min

Feeling fit and strong enough again today. Thanks for those of you who prayed.  Anandi, who also wants to run is still coughing a lot. Today was now the first real fog for me to run in next to the lake.  At some point I think I could see only about 5 meter ahead of me and if someone would have come with speed from the front it could have meant a collision.  But there weren’t many runners out there and the dense fog only lasted for a few minutes.
But I just love to run in the fog. I am not really sure why.  Maybe it is the way trees and people emerge out of the grey. Maybe the quiet and the feeling of isolation and anonymity.  Or maybe nostalgia about early morning hiking in the mountains. I remember walking in the fog and coming out of it near the top to look over the “sea” of fog with the little mountaintop “islands” poking through. Something like this… (Not my picture)

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