15k 92min

Ran to Sushant’s house (Sushant recognized me in the dark as I ran past him while he was cooling down after his run.) and back and then a nice, peaceful run next to the lake with the early light shimmering on the water.
I usually let my thoughts wander anywhere they like to during my runs, but sometimes they become a prayer of thanksgiving or of asking blessings for someone. Today I again realized how important it is to turn one’s thoughts to Him who gave us life and salvation often.

Reedy melodies
rhythmic footfall on the path
my silent partner

I just love Haiku as a form of poetry since it often describes nature so beautifully.  It is for me an impression – just a glimpse of something that your imagination can take further.

And so on my blog I also let my thoughts wander…
But coming back to the point: I long to become more a man of prayer.