9.5k 51min

So far nicely on track to complete 70k this week. There is still no more news about the Chandigarh marathon that was said earlier to be on the 19th of February. This kind of thing cannot be left until the last minute because runners have to time their buildup just right to be able to give their best. Usually for a marathon I reach my peak miles around 2 to 3 weeks before the run and then have some time to taper and rest for the event. Being fit enough is just part of the preparation for a marathon. You also have to eat right and have the right gear and rest enough and have a game plan.

For the game plan the question is what can you trust your body to do on the day. If you aim too low you will feel you have not given your all. If you aim too high and start too fast you won’t be able to keep it up until the end. Finding that magic pace comes with experience as you run the long runs before the marathon, but more so if you look at your previous track record for the distance. If you can run a steady pace throughout the race and are totally spent at the end of it, you have timed your race perfectly and that is what I always aim for, but have not been very successful at in the marathon. I have done it with half-marathons and also had a near perfect Comrades (ultra) marathon in 2006, but the marathon is difficult…

Maybe because of the pain-factor that always comes into it more than in shorter races. Will-power comes into it big time if your legs starts cramping and giving out and you feel nauseous and dizzy. So there needs to be some mental preparation as well. But the game plan helps to keep you focused even when it gets tough.

My preparation has gone very well so far this year. So I will try to go for my personal best which is 3 hours 34 minutes. If I can break 3 hours 30 minutes… That means I will have to run a fraction faster than 5 minutes per kilometer on average. The terrain is almost dead flat so I need not make any adjustments for ups and downs.

Anyway, there it is.  The Bible says do not boast about tomorrow.  It is not in my hands alone. I give this plan and myself into Your hand, Lord Jesus.

Keep running