Our Happy dog seems to be not happy. Last night from about 1AM he let out a howl every 10 minutes or so. Recently the police came because someone complained about the howling so I got half my running done between my bed and the dog…

Ironically you cannot scold or hit (or kick of strangle…) the dog for howling since it will only make him howl all the more! Eventually I just got up around 2:30 and started working on the sermon I have to preach on Sunday (No, I am not a pastor, just part of the leadership team of our church).  So then, obviously the dog quieted down and I can only conclude that God must have been behind all the howling since He must have known I will need the time to prepare.

Anyway, I did then have time to do go for a run after waking up the family at 5.  My two daughters are getting home-schooled and they have to start early enough to be able to finish most things before Ivan (my two-year-old son) wakes up.  We have some pretty strange sleeping habits in this family. Enjoyed the run with an ear-warmer (since my woolen cap is being washed) around the lake. Had a meeting with the boss at 8 and now finally I am going to work… Feels like I already have a day’s work behind me.

Keep running