I start fast. There is no time to ease into this one. There isn’t any lights in the stadium and I can barely see the lines on the grass track in front of me. One or two shadows make slow rounds in the outer lane.

There is something magic about the mile (Only equaled by the marathon…maybe.) Sir Roger Bannister was the first to run it in under 4 minutes in1954. A dream mile. It is good to keep perspective on ones own running, but remember the one to beat is yourself.

I came here a few months ago and tried this distance for the first time. I ran hard and that time I did it in 6min 18sec. I was sure I can get that below 6 minutes.

First round 92 seconds.

Still feeling good. Push harder. Too hard perhaps. Passed the shadows again.

Second round 3 minutes flat.

It is only 4 times around the track. But it is tough. It is just less than a flat-out sprint. Every breath hurts. My shoelace came untied, but no time to stop. I know the faster second round is taking its tole.

My thoughts wander to challenges of the day ahead. Howling dogs and angry neighbours. Deadlines and projects.

Third round 4 minutes 36.

Focus! I find some kind of rhythm. Starting to feel dizzy. My legs are still moving, but I am unaware of them. My lungs struggle to take in enough air. I long for the end as I hyperventilate around the last turn. Almost. Don’t slow down as I near the line. Almost…  Done.

6 minutes 6 seconds. Beaten, but still my personal best. (PB) There will be another day.