What a mess. On the fringes of the city there seems to be very little done to control littering. I think it is everyone’s responsibility to throw his garbage away in a responsible way. There is also a law in place against the giving away of plastic bags, but very few shops adhere to it fully.

Running 21k on a Monday morning is a first for me. I got lost for a bit in Khuda Ali Sher, but recovered well. (I’ve grown attached to GPS and since my Galaxy tab went to the US without me I feel a bit abandoned. ) The run was enjoyable, but the even though I ran next to some forest and a stream the scenery was disappointing.

I love nature and it is great to enjoy it if it is unspoiled. But in India you have to aim very well and zoom in very close to try to cut out the litter which is literally everywhere. Can someone tell me why is that? I do not think it is only the lack of bins since the presence of bins do not improve the situation much.

Can something be done? Any ideas?

Keep running