It seems to me I am surrounded with music this week. I have to teach next Saturday with Tabernacle Youth ministry for four hours on basic music and songwriting. Then I have to choose / write songs for the Summer Day Camp for the children which we have every year in May / June.  Thirdly I have been invited to perform as a guest with Nipun Cheema’s gig Song of the Ghetto with the clarinet. Nipun plays the accordion and Adamya the guitar. Let me get some confidence and then I will invite you to come and listen. (That is if I they want me again)


And as I run, the lyrics start coming to me about running.  The theme of the Summer Day Camp will be “Run the Race”!

So I am working on lyrics or melodies for children.  I am trying to remember everything when I get home, but it is difficult. Maybe if you have a good song that we can use, please let me know.

Have to get to bed now… so that I can get up early to run.