Those broken ribs took me a while to overcome. I had to stop running for about a month before I could run without pain again – very carefully. I also decided that there are things that are more important than running in my life and that I do not need to run so much all the time. So I started running less and even ran only once a week for some weeks.  Talk about a speed bump.

But the frustration started getting to me so I started another 5k beginners training group and have been running 3-4 times a week since then. Now it is winter and dark and even though it is difficult to get up it is easier to run. Starting and ending before sunrise is not always fun if you are running in a city where they switch off the streetlights before it becomes light!

But, I again discovered the rewards of running. The freedom of it, the feeling of purpose, the energy-boost and many more. I do not have to run a 100k a week to get these benefits. Yes, there are some things more important than running. (Like relationships) But being fit and running has a profound effect on me. Something is just more right when I am running.
I also had the privilege of running a few k’s with Arun a month ago: What a nice guy:humble, yet undoubtedly one of the greatest ultra-marathoners in the world. He just completed 50 days of running in a row without a rest. Most days he completes an ultra-marathon. The day before yesterday it was 104k! Read his story here:

If you have been procrastinating like me, just stop thinking about it and DO IT. Get into your shoes and get out of the house!

Keep running