I have two broken ribs on the left side. Sleeping is difficult. I have seen entire blogs and scientific articles that try to determine which side is the least painful to lie on… After seeing the x-rays of my rib cage I first realized the full extent of the fanaticism that caused me to run the marathon 2 weeks ago.

My research took me to techniques for smothering sneezes and avoiding coughing. (At all cost)  To bind or not to bind. (Not) Does taking medicine help it to heal? (Not really. Threw mine away.)  Should I run? (No) Can one run a marathon? (You must be crazy)

It will be a hard 5-6 weeks to wait. And then maybe even harder to start again. But I will by God’s grace start again. And meanwhile, I try to bring my devotion to running back to acceptable levels and plan a bit more balance into my life. I tell myself: “Let’s just focus on half-marathons for the summer.” Let’s see if I am convinced.

Keep running (but not if you have any broken bones)