It turned out to be slightly more crazy than usual to run the unofficial Chandigarh marathon. Where you usually end with all kinds of pains, I started with them. Ok, ok… I should probably say what happened. I had a fall with my bike Friday night. Nothing is broken as far as I know, but I’m bruised.

I even went to play the gig directly after picking myself up and cleaning the surface wounds. We had a great time playing gypsey and world music from Brazil, Bulgaria, Argenina, etc. I recently dusted off my clarinet again. We also had some drums, guitars, an accordion, some peruvian flutes and a charango.

Under the circumstances 4 hours and 16 minutes (although my slowest marathon) was not too bad and I am thankful that I could complete it.
After the marathon I had to take my family to the outreach in colony number 5. I took them, but slept through the stories and colouring myself…

But no marathon is ever easy.

Why did I go through with it? Maybe for the sake of Yudhavir who ran with me. But probably more because I am slightly insane… as
we marathon runners tend to be.

Thinking about this weekend, the crucial thing is that I survived. God protected me…

Keep running