Enjoy my ABC’s of road races. These races are some of my most memorable ones. I tried to find a link to some more info about the marathon. Get there by clicking on the underlined name of the marathon.

A = ADHM (Airtel Delhi Half Marathon) This year 20 November will be the first one for me. This is huge with more than 30000 runners in the different categories.

BBig Chandigarh (Half) marathon I won a Rs. 50000 prize for being the first senior runner (over 35).

B = Belgrade half marathon – After doing the Comrades in 2006 we were in Belgrade which is the capital of Serbia for 5 months. We walked everywhere, but I did not run much. I did enjoy this half marathon, though.

C = Comrades 2006 – Arguably the most famous Ultramarathon there is. I wrote about my experience here,

C = CBF 5K  (Chandigarh Bible Fellowship)  – After helping approximately 12 people (including my family) to start running from scratch, we organized this celebration run. We made these unique clay medals for it.


D = Dehradun Half marathon 2016 – A huge contingent of Chandigarh runners went there. Check out this video. You may notice me if you look fast!

E = Eersterivier 15k – It was long ago, but I remember running it in 1 hour. So that gives you an idea about how long ago that was.

F = Fishoek Red Hill Marathon. Every marathon is special. I remember running through a cloud of sea spray.

G = Chandigarh Glow run and Gurgaon Town and Country Half marathon – Wonderful half marathons that I ran this year.

H = Hot Cider Hustle in Wheaton 8 Miles – It was cold. 8 miles was challenging.

I = ISB Joyathon – I have done 2 of them. Won the first. As I’m writing this, it is only 2 days before the 3rd one.

J = Jonkershoek Half Marathon – This is a fantastic run in one of my favorite places.

K = Kuruman mini Comrades 1985 (At least I think it was that year) This is the first long race that I ever won. The story is in this post

L = Louis Pasteur 10K – Honestly, I cannot remember this one. But it starts with an L and I must have done it because I have the medal.

M = Bangalore Midnight Marathon – This was my comeback marathon after not running a full marathon for about 2 years. The atmosphere was electric. The crowd was great. The only downside was the 5K route that had to be repeated 8 times. Luckily I had good company on the way.

N = Nainital Monsoon half marathon – I loved Nainital. Here is my post about that.

O = Ou Voetpad 10 miler – This was my first experience of a trail run. They had people on horses as officials!

P = Pretoria Marathon  – This was probably my toughest full marathon. You run up the mountain and then you come down again. Steep. On my way back home … probably this is a story for another day.

P = Patiala marathon – My most recent marathon. What a ride! I have never experienced so much excitement surrounding a marathon. This was also my first time as a pacer and that is also a story for another day…

Q = Quagga – Yes, there is/was a run with this name. (I have the medal to prove it) But finding anything about the race and recalling anything about it is beyond me. But check out the hype about the extinct quagga being reintroduced into South Africa!

R = Runtherann – 100k. What more can I say? Read this and this about my experiences.

S = Shimla 25K – I have done this 3 times now. Twice I came second. It is tough.

S = Stilbaai Strandloperfees 21K – It was my first half marathon in 2000 or 2001. I know now that I did not know anything then. I jogged a few times the week before. Scary, but I made it.

T = Two Oceans 56k – This may be the most beautiful race I have ever done. And the crowd support was tremendous.

U = Unofficial Chandigarh Marathon – We had a Chandigarh marathon for a few years. In 2011 it did not happen. So I decided to just run on my own. The previous night I fell with my bike and cracked some ribs, but I did not know it. Here is the story. And here is what I thought was the rest of it and here is the crazy final.

V = Voortrekker Monument Park run – Park run is a great concept. I wish we could get it here in India. I asked them, but they did not want to do it at that stage. It is only 5K, but it is timed and it is free.

W = Winelands Marathon – My first full marathon was done in the scenic Stellenbosch. At least one can enjoy the scenery for the first 30k or so. After that, the pain takes over.

X and Y – The variables… This is for all the other unofficial marathons and ultramarathons that I ran. Some of them were the 50k from Groenvallei to Bloubergstrand, the 56k in Still Bay last year, and the 42K from Panchkula to Tikker Tal. Those runs, done mostly on my own, are some of my best memories.

Z = Zirakpur Decathlon trail run – Not much to say here. Nice run and it starts with a Z.

Keep running