While my own two legs carried me all the way and across the finish line, these legs were sustained and healed by Him. Even though I ate and drank energy rich stuff, the energy that I needed to complete was from Him.

Before the run
Before the run

At 15k in the Runtherann 101K trail ultra I had to stop. My right leg was paining. I tried stretching a few times, but it did not improve. I then remembered what God showed me earlier the week about trusting Him. Another verse came to my mind: Psalm 50:15

Call on me in the day of trouble. I will save you and you will honour Me.”

So I called on Jesus and asked His help. The promise was clear that He will rescue me, but I needed to trust Him and not myself. And then I need to honour Him. So I started to walk and soon I felt OK to run so I ran and it was fine. In fact, I felt pretty good.

The first 56K happened in daylight. Around 35K I met up with Sree who accompanied me until the end. I think that he was also a blessing from the Lord. During the long dark hours of the night we became acquainted as we tripped over stones, pushed through thorn bushes and avoided huge cacti. All of this had to be done holding the Garmin GPS (provided by the organizers) in the one hand and an LED flashlight in the other. It felt like this was going on forever. Another row of thorn bushes with seemingly no way through. Look at the Garmin, move a little left to be right on the arrow. Push through the thorns and try to avoid getting punctured. Step on yet another lose stone that retaliates with a kick against the ankle. Up and over another small rift, follow yet another “trail” that fizzles out to nothing. Pain in my leg, call on Him, trust, be bold, be strong for the Lord my God is with me. Another row of thorn bushes…

When we finally crossed the finish line 24 hours, 48 minutes and 11 seconds later it was with deep gratitude for my regular Running Partner who helped me as He promised.

One of the highlights for me was making so many new friends. To Sree for sticking with me, Chiru who discussed religion and philosophy with me on the bus, Joe, James and Lowell who shared a bungalow, Ann and Kerry who are also from South Africa, William, Arpita and everyone else who shared some moments and encouragement on the road, all the friendly and dedicated volunteers: THANK YOU!

And to my Friend who always runs with me: HONOUR and glory and praise and thanks to You.

You may ask if I will do it again. No. Probably not. Once should be quite enough thank you. Other Ultra Marathons? Maybe I should first get rid of all my injuries and I will think about it. For now I will cycle, run with my daughter and do a few shorter road races.

Keep running