There are times when it is difficult.

I thought of writing about Sunday when my 12-year-old daughter and I participated in an off-road duathlon and my bike broke. Maybe that is a story for another day. I thought of saying something about being called at 3 in the morning and struggling in vain for hours to solve a nasty data problem for a client.

Something about perseverance and completing the race, hope and relationships.

But somehow I cannot think of anything but the little girl who just died of malaria. My best friend in secondary school’s niece. She was 9. I know nothing of the grief that that family must be suffering. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything to them. There is something in me that wants to rebel against this.

I read last week about the new slavery index that was published. India is the country with the most slaves and many of them are little girls forced to give their bodies to strangers. 16 million slaves of the 30 million slaves worldwide are here in India… There is something in me that want to shake a fist at God about this.

But then I remember about the Lord Jesus who cried with those who suffered. Who came for suffering – to die for those who do not deserve it. For me and for you. He did not shake his fist at them who crucified him, but asked his Father to forgive them. He is also the one who rose again and is with those who suffer even today. He is with the family whose house is empty and quiet with loss. He feels with every slave, be it the little boy forced to clean houses or the rich entrepreneur enslaved to his work. And the biggest slavery is to be a slave to sin.

He is even with me tonight as I continue to try to fix a stored procedure rife with spaghetti code. Through my struggle I have already learned a lot more about the clients’ system. Through the broken bicycle I made a memory with my daughter. There are deeper hardships and pain than these and through it all, He is on our side if we let Him.

Admit it, most of us have struggles and pain. Who can escape it? Please share your struggle here as a comment and your perspective on it. Also your ideas on what we can do to expose and fight against modern slavery.