Shame on me… My previous post was in May last year. More than a year without a single post. And I am not sure if I will be able to get into any kind of writing habit again. Yet, I am going to try.

I am sure that all of you know how difficult it is to form a new habit or even get an old one back. I have been running on and off for the last year – never really getting into my old groove. But lately I somehow got back on track again. With that I got a new appreciation for the value of a good habit. It is precious and one should not take the gift of it lightly in yourself or in someone else.

One of the things that made it easier for me this time was a group called Chandigarh Runners. (Look them up on Facebook) I have not been part of such an enthusiastic runners group since I started running. Just knowing that there is someone expecting you to show up, helps me to wake up. This is the value of community and of friendship. Accountability is the word for it.

And I need to also give the credit to God who is the one who created me and sustains me and gave me HOPE with capital letters. I am not lost anymore, but have a Friend that is always with me. I never run alone.

So friends, shake off the isolation and get back into the habit. And if you are already going strong, remember that this good habit is precious.

Keep running