It is time to use what I have to help. This year I am fitter than I have been for a long time.  I was looking for an ultra marathon somewhere in December. Running can be a very selfish pursuit.  So I decided to rather give something back. My Friend seemed to agree or was it His idea?

I started planning to run 70k on 3 December to raise funds for Emmanuel. He suffered from complete renal failure last year and needs a kidney transplant which will cost a lot of money.  Around 20 lakh Rupees which translates to about USD 30,000. He is not a rich man (in the monetary sense, but he certainly is rich in love and kindness and grace)  and his family cannot afford this.

Then, my brother, Nicolai, decided he will cycle 210k on that same day in South Africa.

He got Marie Bosman involved who will swim 7k in the US on that day.

So now we have an ultra triathlon.

Three people, three continents, three disciplines to save a life.

Please become part of this! Give and ask others to give here: Run, cycle or swim with us.  Get your running, riding, swimming club involved and organize an event. Anything. Just help.

Here in Chandigarh and Punjab, the running community is helping,  especially Chetan and kie from Chandigarh Runners. We will soon announce what we are planning.

Have you found a way to give back something for the blessings you have? Please share!