I got a well-timed cold in step with the colder weather.

As a child, I knew that the early sailors got Scurvy due to a lack of vitamin C. I also knew that it helps to eat an “Apple a day to keep the doctor away.”

Trying to get rid of my cold,  I took another look at the benefits of vitamin C, and I found some fascinating articles. I must qualify that I did not look at the research myself.


This article says that many people get a cold after an ultra-marathon due to oxidative stress. Taking 600mg of vitamin C daily for three weeks before the Comrades marathon diminished the chances to get a cold from 68% to 33%.

This one says that marathon runners who take a daily supplement of at least 200mg of vitamin C are 52% less likely to get a common cold.

And this one says that people with average fitness levels do not experience any benefit from Vitamin C supplements, but it goes on to say: “The results were different for people who were in extremely good physical condition, such as marathon runners. People like that who took vitamin C every day cut their risk of catching a cold in half.

So I will be supplementing before our ultra triathlon on 3 December.

But I hate to just think about the body and ignore the soul. Kindness is like a vitamin for the soul. Receiving it or giving it is equally effective to prevent various diseases of the soul. (Selfishness, bitterness, hatred, depression) 

Please support our effort, show a random act of kindness to a stranger and save a life.

Keep running