I am not talking about the type of shorts you wear, although that may also make a good blog post for another day. I am talking about short running stories about short (or long) runs.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is running to the garden or park our GP Sourcing (the company I work for) running club has chosen. Then running there with the group. (We have reached 25 minutes continuous running after about 2 months of run/walk) Then running back again. The distance I run depends on the location of the venue. The speed depends on my alarm-clock-obedience-speed. The slower I react, the faster I have to run.

Tuesday and Thursday I run to the squash court, play squash with my daughter, and then run back. The distance is approximately 4.75k if I count a kilometer for running on the court. But that actually depends on how much she wants to make her old man run and how good I am at preventing that.

On Saturday I ran 12k to a 3k race, ran the race (which I won by a big margin since my only competition were some unfit school children) and then ran back again.

On Sunday I ran to the lake and did a round of it (18k), ran 6k with the Chandigarh runners at the lake and helped answer some question about running. And then I ran… nope… a friend brought me back home. Enough is enough.

And repeat for this week. Except that I added another run on three evenings to run with my other daughter who has been advised by the doctor not to get up at 5 after studying until 11.  Look out for a blog post we may work on together: the best places to run at night in the Tri-city.

So all the same, except that I decided to do the Tuffman promotional run next Saturday. They plan to run from the lake to Shimla and there another 40k which would give them roughly 160k or 100 miles. I plan to run as far as I can go and then maybe take a bus back. So, today I tried out a run/walk routine of 25 minutes running followed by 5 minutes walking. I did about 39k in 5 hours and could have gone on but for the heat.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 6.47.47 PM
T for Tuffman

So if running through the night, uphill, is your idea of fun, let me know and I could get you in.

Keep running