Now that I put the semi-extreme madness to bed with Saturday’s Paradise Trail Goa 104 kilometer, it is time to focus on something a bit less selfish. I know that running ultra-distances has some inspirational value and combining it with a cause that would break most hearts seems like a good way to (almost) end this year.

There is a tragedy happening every day that goes unseen and unmourned. And yet it is one of the most hideous crimes and tragic wastes of life in the world today. Police turn a blind eye or even benefit from it. It rarely makes it into the newspapers. Few seem to care.

See sex slavery is big business. It is very profitable:



But it is WRONG! IT IS WRONG! It is evil! This article says that the average age of trafficked girls have gone down from 14-16 to 10-14 because young girls are believed to have a smaller risk of carrying sexually transmitted diseases.

How can we live in a world where this is happening and not do something?

This is not only happening, it is rife.4.5 million people are subjected to forced sexual exploitation. Most of these are abducted or lured into it as minors. Little girls and children are raped and abused in the most inhumane way, and it has been ignored for way too long.

So we at Daudta Punjab are organizing a freedom ultra run of 65 kilometers on the 2nd of December 2017 to start doing something. Purnata ( has been doing something about it as has many other organizations. But it is an uphill battle. We need to KNOW what is happening and we need to HELP. Join us by running, cycling (to support runners) or donating. (