This morning I got up early as usual and did not feel like running. But I got into my shoes and started towards the lake as my plan was. Gradually, as I warmed up, my feelings of reluctance also disappeared and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I started thinking of all the things I have to be thankful for.

These are 10 of those things:

  • I can run.
  • I am healthy
  • I am safe (relatively speaking)
  • Running shoes and a Garmin watch.
  • My family members are healthy and happy (mostly)
  • I have a job
  • I have food to eat every day.
  • I have clothes to wear.
  • I have the freedom to go where I want.
  • I will live forever (Read about it here)

But then I also thought about others from whom some of the most basic things have been taken. There are young girls being kidnapped every day. They are drugged, repeatedly raped, robbed of their freedom, robbed of all human kindness and made to “earn” money for their captors.

We, who have been given so much, have an obligation to help those who cannot help themselves. We can pray, we can go and help with rescue operations. Or we can strengthen the hands of those who are doing it. We can help care for those who have been rescued. Some of our friends are doing all this and we are helping them. You can help too.  (Please be generous)

May you experience gratitude instead of discontent. May you experience the joy of giving instead of the stuffy selfishness of our affluent society. May you feel the peace and freedom of a relationship with God. His friendship means more to me than anything in this world.

I felt more and more energy surging through me as I thought these things. I reached the lake and ran next to it for a while before turning back. It is interesting how a thankful heart can change things. Try it.

Keep running


P.S.  few pics from my recent Paradise Trails Goal 104k run.

Goa beach. If this one seems a bit unnatural, blame it on Android.
Another Goa beach scene. The third cow is chewing on some straw stolen from a beach umbrella.
And another right in front of the hotel where I stayed
One more
Where is the trail?

Stephan Goa paradistrials
The four of us ran together for a long time. Here I am ahead, but eventually, I was behind all of them. I came in 13th overall. [Picture credit: Uphill Emg]
Stephan Paradisetrails finish line
Made it. the route was very challenging. 18 hours and 54 minutes [Picture credit: Uphill Emg]