On Thursday and Friday, I became so discouraged. There were so many things to do and people to call. And all for very little benefit (as I thought then). We received few donations towards the cause. Maybe you missed it, but we are raising funds for the struggle against human trafficking and sex slavery by doing an ultra-run from Patiala to Mohali.

And then we did it on Saturday. By God’s grace, we pulled it off. I think that everyone who took part in this year’s Freedom ultra run will agree that it was a fantastic experience. There is the feeling of accomplishment to finish 67k. There are the bonding and sharing and caring for one another. No-one suffered for lack of support because of the selfless work of our cycling volunteers. They did not only provide sustenance, but also encouragement and companionship. This also goes for those in vehicles. And obviously, there is the mutual support for each other.


And now I realize that even if few or no-one joins me, I will still feel satisfied by doing the right thing. Who cares what others think? Who cares if others play it safe and limit their involvement to “liking” and “applauding”. It is sad that many others do not seem to care, but nobody can change anybody else. Maybe the most powerful persuasion is having a good example to follow.

I try to follow the example of Jesus Christ. He gave himself to his friends. He did not even cling to his life but gave it up for their sins and the sins of whoever will trust in Him.

I had fun. My son (8 years old) rode the whole way on his bicycle with me.

IMG_20171202_090850791.jpgMy daughter (15 years old) ran the first 20k with me next to the canal in the fantastic atmosphere the fog created. When the pain started getting more towards the end she joined me again for another 13k.

IMG_20171202_090838850.jpgMy other daughter was there in the car supporting us and gaining confidence in her driving skills. (She is a learner)

So, I think I learned the lesson. Let’s do what we know we should, what we feel passionate about. Let’s do crazy things like giving ourselves away, like running ultra-marathons, like loving unconditionally. Playing it safe makes for a boring, unfulfilled life.

Keep running