2017 was my most successful running year so far. It is encouraging to me that at 46 I am still able to get better.

The evidence:

  • Personal bests
    • 5k 18.03 – Naperville Rooster 5K
    • 21k 1:23:32 – Nangal Half marathon
    • 42k 3:23:13 – Daily World Marathon
  • Positions in 13 races that I ran
    • 4 X 1st overall
    • 2 X 2nd overall
    • 1 X 3rd overall
    • 2 X 1st in age category
  • Further distances
    • Furthest 111k (Chandigarh to Shimla for Shimla Tuffman promo-run)
    • 104k Goa Paradise Trails
    • 80k Shimla Tuffman
    • 70k solo run at the SYL
    • 68k Patiala to Chandigarh Freedom Ultrarun
  • More kilometers in a year (3001k)Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 11.39.37 AM

The reasons:

  • By the grace of God, I am still healthy.
  • Speed/strength training once a week for most weeks.
  • Consistent running.

Next year will start with my first 24-hour run around a 400m track on 6 and 7 January. Yes, slightly mad. Then my first Mumbai marathon on the 21st. After that is still open, but I have registered for the Comrades marathon in South Africa. Next year it is a down run. I have done the up run in 2006.

Who says you have to get slower as you get older?

Here are some of my recent photo’s taken on the run.


Keep running