Less Facebook and more face-to-face. Fewer emojis and more emotions. Fewer like-buttons and more doorbells. These are some of the significant things for me for 2018. Calling them resolutions will jinx it. Social media run on bloated egos. As the ego grows, the soul shrinks to make room for it. (Similar to what the Apostle Peter said here) The more likes and comments you get, the better you feel about yourself.

This is a very flimsy foundation to build your self-worth on. It has to be done over and over again because what is viral today, is forgotten tomorrow. So the craving for recognition never gets satisfied. But there is another way.

We are worthy because we were created worthy. The omniscient Creator thought that the world needs someone like you and like me. You have one huge “like” since He does not create flops. The “comment” he posts about you is that He loves you. What beats being loved by Him?

I want to challenge myself this year to stop wasting time on social media and instead spend time with friends of which my Friend is the highest priority. Every time I feel the urge to connect, to talk to someone or call someone or pray instead.

So, friends, please do not like this post. Don’t comment. Please don’t mind if I do not respond to your posts – I probably did not see it.


Keep running