I hope this reaches the ears of the powers that be and the race organizers in our lovely city, Chandigarh. There is not just one beautiful place to run in this city! We do not need to start at the Chandigarh club or at the lake. We do not need to run next to the lake. What about starting at the Rose garden or the Botanical garden or the Fragrance garden? Or at one of the numerous sports centers or stadiums in the city?

Why can’t we run down some of the tree-lined streets of (old) Chandigarh? Or past the restaurant lane in sector 35? Or what about running the “garden route” or have a race up to Morni Hills. Or what about heading into the countryside?

The Daily World marathon goes out on the Mullanpur highway and then into New Chandigarh. Much better because it is different.

You may have guessed that I am not the treadmill type of guy.

I like to run locally. I prefer not to travel too far for races. But the current trend of starting at the club, running past the lake and the golf course and then towards the IT park and back and sometimes multiple rounds is getting to me. I may just rebel and go further for my races. Like South Africa for instance… The Comrades is looming very close now. 10 June is merely two months away.

This is a small selection of the places I ran during the past 7 days.

Photo-credit: Weekend runners. Big FB half marathon Same route… Good crowd. Fast runners. I could only manage 3rd in my age category and 19th overall.
One of the city’s tree-lined roads.
A garden in Mohali – 4 kilometers from our house
Four kilometers from home.
Two kilometers from our house