Rose garden (Mohali phase 3B-1)

This garden looks like a golf club on the map. Lovely little garden with a decent track all around (almost). I ran here on Monday with a few of our group.

Rose garden

Location: Google maps link

Description: Beds of roses everywhere and if you visit around January and February you get to see them blooming. Big trees, benches, play areas, an outdoor gym, and a fountain contributes to make this a getaway from the busy market just across the main road.

Surface: Dirt track, but crossing cement paths in a haphazard way. It is a bit uneven in some places due to embedded rocks. It is just about 1km long.

Lighting: Well lit.

Washrooms: No

Parking: Not much. You can park at the market across the street or otherwise on the pavement. Better yet, come with your bicycle.

Beauty: Above average

Atmosphere: Leisure and rest. People are taking it slow, except us runners…

Rating: 7 out of 10.


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