There is one surefire way to get out of bed even if the night was too short and the dream is too beautiful to leave behind. No, setting your alarm clocks (yes multiple) on the other side of the room or even outside just makes the getting back into bed sweeter. No, your best intentions the previous night looks lame between the sheets in the morning.

As my second alarm went off this morning, I knew I had to get up to wake up my daughter who said she would love to go along. So I Whatsapped her. No reaction. I tried calling her, but it must have been set on silent. So I went up the stairs and hammered on her door. And sure enough, she still wanted to come because she knew I depended on it. I wasn’t going to carry my water bladder, so she had to have a bottle in her backpack.

So here’s the key. Depend on someone else or have someone depend on you.

And so we started around 4:30 with our flashlights. Around big pools of water and through some muddy patches we went. As the twilight arrived, we found ourselves far in between the rice lands of Punjab. Silence and bird sounds were obscured by the sleepy voices from many loudspeakers from numerous temples.



We did not talk much. We just did this run, this cycle trip together.

When the sun came up, we were more than halfway done. 33k today, a marathon next Saturday, the week after that Kasauli.

But today was hot and humid. My shorts were wet through already, and water was dripping from my cap. I felt my strength drip out with it. I carried a handful of muesli in a plastic bag and some Game sports drink. Eating, drinking and walking a bit, helped, but my legs remained like lead.  I have not run further than about 23k since I did the Comrades more than two months ago.

My daughter just being there with me, helped me to carry on.

In a way, running is a metaphor for life. One can go it alone, but it is not as much fun. The mere presence of others is encouraging in life as it is in running. And sometimes your life may depend on having someone with you. It is up to us to allow others to share our runs and our days. It is not weakness to depend on one another. Trust is good.

And even when I am alone, I still have my Friend with me.


Keep running