We started with the beginner’s running program and even though we are a small group, I feel that it is good. I am doing it mostly for my son, but others also get the benefit of it. The group helps with accountability, (“We will miss you if you are not there”) the fun of running together, the necessary advice that beginners need, and the slow, consistent approach that prevents injuries. There is still time to join if you are nearby.


I have a dilemma which I am not sure how to manage. If I run slowly like I did yesterday, my left knee ITB makes its presence felt in a pretty unpleasant way. I went out for what I thought would be 40+ kilometres but had to stop at 21. I did the “garden route” and took some pictures:

This unique “cobblestone” path is in a garden next to Mother Theresa’s Mission of Charity in Sector 23
Rows of trees in sector 70, Mohali
A different park in Sector 70
Taken in Shanti Kunj.
Garden of Conifers – Sector 52. (Not sure about the phase)
I think this is in Phase 7
Again Shanti Kunj (I think)
Eiffel Tower replica (or should I say model. This one is tiny compared to the real thing)  in Sector 10
Not sure…
The Martyr’s Memorial in the Bougainvillea Park in Sector 3

Running fast does not hurt my knee. This morning I did the SBI Green half marathon in 1:26:20 and got the age category first prize. All Glory to God.

Left is Amar Chauhan who is a running legend here in our city. He is 75 and regularly runs a half marathon around 1:45. Right is Arvind.

The dilemma is that one cannot run too fast during a 24-hour stadium run! This will be my next race on the 10th of March (God willing). If I run fast, I may get to a marathon and then be too tired to carry on. But if I run slowly I may have to stop around 21 due to my knee. Well, I have a month to see if this could become better. I am stretching and massaging and should probably also rest a bit more. 😦

Come to think of it, I love the variety in my running. I enjoy going solo and taking it easy. But too much of it brings me back to racing. Some mornings I like to run through the market areas where there are lots of people, but then I long for the solitude of the forest again. Running slow or fast or somewhere in between – it is all fun.

Get a copy of the Daily World newspaper tomorrow (Monday, 11 February 2019) since I wrote an article about some inspirational runners. I am not sure if they will publish it as is or edit it a lot. Let’s see. Oh, and don’t forget to register for the only full marathon in the Tricity, the Punjab Daily World Marathon, that will happen on 31 March this year.

Keep running