We all get older. Some of us try desperately to keep the effects of age away and some just go with it. We can argue that we have to try to stay healthy for as long as possible and I agree with that notion. It is good to take care of our bodies. It is great if we can be fit until we are old.

Eventually, sooner or later, we will die and if we do not have something to hold on to beyond that, then death has to be feared. If everything will stop, then what does it matter what we did while we were alive?

Oh, but we influenced people and inspired them. We trained and coached them. We made life better for our children and those coming after us. And it is indeed admirable if we can make a lasting impact and that people will remember what we have done.

But even they will die and the ones after them and in the end, very few will be remembered. And is living on in someone’s memory enough? Isn’t there more than that?

The Bible teaches that we can have eternal life. It is written in many places. In the book of 1 John, for instance, you find the following verses:


“I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.”


This Son of God is Jesus. The Bible teaches that if we believe that Jesus is who he says he is, we have eternal life. We already have it!

And we will have new bodies, says the Bible, that will not age and won’t get sick. We will be eternally young.

There are still many questions unanswered. What will we do for eternity? What will it look like? Where will we be? Everything is not entirely clear.

We do know that we will be with God and that in Him we will find immense joy and meaning. I can imagine that we will have something to do. There will be purpose. There will not be sin or pain anymore.

This world is a test. Will we listen to our creator? Will we trust Him? Will we find the purpose that He created us for? Will we trust the Salvation that he made possible for us?

As I get older, I do see the effects of aging. I forget things. My eyesight is deteriorating. I take longer to recover after certain runs. My children start leaving the house. It sometimes disturbs me until I remember that this is a temporary place and a temporary phase. I will be young again with my Lord and Saviour forever.

Keep running


P.S. In March is my birthday and more desperate attempts to keep the old age away. 🙂 Going to try to do another 24-hour stadium run. And the Punjab Daily World (full) Marathon. I decided not to be the Race Director this time, but rather to run it. I will be involved a bit with measuring the route and helping where I can. Coming Sunday it is the SBI green half marathon. Last year my 1:26 was good enough to get second prize overall and win some prize money. I doubt if that will be the case this year! Let’s see.