The motivation for running is not always easy to come by. Most people would say about me that I LOVE running. And I do. But running the 200k last year and being injured afterward, seemed to have satisfied my urge to run.

After taking off for about three weeks I knew I had to get back to running to be ready for the Mumbai marathon which I entered for long ago. But my runs were sporadic. I did, however, decide to run fast whenever I ran because it seemed to cause me less pain.

I loved going to Mumbai with my daughter and walked approximately 16 kilometres (against all available advice) on Saturday to see the Gateway of India, and take a stroll on Marine drive and the beach. On Sunday I planned a small improvement on my personal best marathon time and pulled it off. 3:17:16. I am happy and thankful that I can still improve at my age where generally things start going the other direction.

Now I need to find my motivation again for whatever comes next. I found that giving something of myself helps. I also promised my son that he can run with me. So, here comes another beginner’s running group. If you want to join, let me know. We will run three times a week and will start with more walking than running. Almost anyone can run 5k after three months if they take it slowly enough. The plan is to start on Friday, 1 February. If you read this blog and you want to give running a try, let me know and you can join us virtually (or in Mohali if you are here.)

I have also been asked to be the Race Director for the Daily World marathon again that will happen on 31 March 2019. I still have to decide if this is the right thing for me to get into this year. Let me know what you think!