Do you know that feeling when you suddenly find something again that you lost long ago? Like when I pushed back the chest of drawers last night and my son found a toy that must have fallen in there a few months ago. He was so excited! This is how I feel this morning about finding that I can run again.

Since around June I have not been able to run any serious distance due to my foot injury. But, last week I felt I should try, even though I still felt a bit of pain. And this time instead of getting worse the pain went away after a while. According to my understanding, this is the sign that my injury is over. I am still very careful, but on Saturday I could run 21k, the first time in 5 weeks (and the previous time I had a lot of pain)

I am so thankful for this gift. And truly, being able to run is such a marvelous privilege. Everyone who have suffered long-term injury will agree with me. If you have not, remember what a blessing it is. Our health, our strength, even the will to exercise, is a gift from God and very precious.

I also found the joy of listening to podcasts and blinks (the terminology Blinkist uses for their summarized books.) while running and cycling. I am enjoying these podcasts from Messenger.

As some of you may know, I kept myself fit by doing cycling. So, I hope that I did enough to be able to participate in the Freedom run on 30 November. Anyway, I registered for it again and so should you! It is one of the best experiences I have had with ultra running even though this is not a race. Register here to run, cycle, donate of have dinner with us.

All of the funds go directly to the NGO, Parivartan, which we are supporting. They are involved in treating people with various mental health issues and also help them to re-integrate into society by conducting skill development classes and many other things.