Amrit and I scouted out the route we are going to run for the Freedom run. And as we did it, I relived the previous times I was running or riding on this route. There are so many memories now on that stretch between Chandigarh and Patiala.

One of the best runs was two years ago when we started in Patiala. There is a 7-kilometre stretch next to the canal which was just awesome. This year that is again going to be part of the route. I remember that time because it was the first time my son rode his bicycle, and while my one daughter ran a part of it, my other daughter drove our car to help support the runners.

Then there was the tea stall right next to the highway where I stopped the very first time to rest a bit during the inaugural 2016 run. It was about a marathon distance into the run because we started at Sukhna lake that year. As we passed, the owner of the stall waved at us, and when we came back, we again had a cup of tea with him. Remind me to stop there again during our run this year!

Last year, my daughter, son and I all cycled in support of the runners. And we had some fast guys. We had a hard time to keep up with them! But, it was such an inspiring time. Since it is not a race, there is some friendly competition between everyone. Still, there is also the feeling that we are united under a single cause.

I tested my feet and stamina yesterday with a long run of 42.2 kilometres. It was slow, and I walked and stopped a lot, but made it, and I think I will be ready to run again this year.

These pictures were taken during the journey.

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