I ran the Chandigarh Tuffman Half Marathon on Sunday morning, but got into trouble with my hamstring and had to stop. In the 19 years that I have been running races, this is only the second DNF (Did not finish) Maybe it was to remind me how thankful I should be for the ability to run. There were also some people in wheelchairs who participated. It is by God’s grace that I am not in their position, but their smiling faces and enthusiasm spoke to me.

This year is the 7th edition of the Chandigarh Freedom Ultra Run In this year’s edition on the 3rd of December, we will support the Spinal Cord Injury treatment centre run by “Serve Humanity Serve God”. Please donate towards their cause or register to run or cycle here.

Oh, and the Covalience Running Club got started. We run on Saturdays. If you are an employee of Covalience or a family member of an employee, come and join us! Some of our group members are in the cover image of this post.

I also launched another original song this weekend on my Youtube channel.

I don’t sing for you, but for Him. I hope you like it too, but that is not why I am singing.

The lyrics were written by David and recorded in Psalm 96, and there must have been a melody also along with it, which is now lost. This song does not include all the original lyrics, so go and read the whole thing yourself.

This song talks about the greatness of God, who is most worthy to receive our praise. His salvation, glory, splendour and holiness should cause you too to sing!

Keep running