I accumulate things on my nightstand until it overflows. There are half-read books, coins, pens, receipts, and any number of other things. Sometimes an important document also lands up there. It becomes a problem to find it again. My life can also get cluttered, especially this time of the year. Sometimes I lose sight of what is important.

I think that when the author of Hebrews in the Bible wrote, “…let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles…” he may have thought about these non-essential things that hinder us from doing what is best. For me, playing “Words with friends” on my phone can be like that. Also, watching “The Good Doctor” on Netflix or endlessly listening to podcasts.

And then there is sin which trips us up. Something may seem relatively innocent, but it robs us of the presence of our holy God, who cannot tolerate anything false or selfish or that hurts others or ourselves.

Let’s shake free of all these things with God’s help and run the race set before us with endurance while keeping our eyes on Jesus, who showed us what endurance meant!

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Our office running club has a challenge going on this month which is quite exciting. I have a half marathon on Sunday and am preparing for the 75 k Freedom run on 3 December. Last weekend I ran 50k, and it was okay. I think I am getting there.

Keep running